Storm Chasing Roof Contractors: 10 Tips to Avoid Them

Aug 10, 2023 | Hawaii Roofing Scams

In the aftermath of a severe storm, the urgency to repair your home and restore normalcy can leave you vulnerable to opportunistic contractors known as “storm chasers.” These unscrupulous individuals capitalize on Kauai homeowners’ distress, offering quick fixes at seemingly attractive prices. However, falling for their promises can lead to subpar work, financial losses, and additional headaches. This blog is dedicated to empowering Kauai homeowners and commercial property owners like you to recognize the red flags of storm chaser roofers and make informed decisions to safeguard your home and investments.


The Dangers of Hiring Storm Chaser Roofers


1. Lack of Local Presence

Storm chasers often travel from one disaster-stricken area to another, making it difficult to track them down if issues arise later. Unlike reputable local Kauai Roofing contractors, they lack a consistent presence in the community and may vanish as quickly as they appeared.

2. Inadequate Licensing and Insurance

A significant risk of hiring storm chasers is their tendency to lack proper licenses and insurance. Reputable Kauai Roofing contractors carry the necessary credentials, demonstrating their commitment to adhering to local regulations and maintaining insurance coverage for their work.

3. Quick Fixes Over Quality Work

Storm chasers prioritize speed over quality, aiming to complete as many jobs as possible in a short period. This rushed approach often results in shoddy workmanship that fails to address the root causes of damage, leading to recurring issues down the line.

4. Lack of Proper Contracts

Reputable Kauai Roofing contractors provide detailed contracts that outline the scope of work, timeline, materials, and payment terms. Storm chasers may provide vague or incomplete contracts, making it difficult to hold them accountable for the promised deliverables.

5. Pressured Decision-Making

Storm chasers employ high-pressure sales tactics to secure contracts quickly, taking advantage of homeowners’ vulnerable emotional states. Reputable contractors prioritize transparency and allow homeowners the time to make informed decisions.

6. Short-Term Guarantees

While storm chasers may offer warranties, these guarantees often lack the credibility of those provided by established local contractors. Their short-term focus might leave you without support when problems arise in the future.


Protecting Yourself from Storm Chaser Contractors


7. Research Extensively

Prioritize research by checking for licenses, insurance, and local presence. Look for online Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews and ask for references to verify the contractor’s reputation. Make sure your Roofing Contractor is a Kauai Company and not just pretending to be from Kauai.

8. Seek Local Expertise

Choose a Kauai Roofing contractor with established local roots, as they are familiar with the area’s unique building codes, regulations, and climate considerations. Make sure they have been in business for several years.

9. Demand Written Contracts

Insist on a comprehensive written contract that includes all project details, terms, and conditions.

10. Take Your Time

Don’t succumb to high-pressure sales tactics. Take the time to thoroughly evaluate and compare different contractors before making a decision.


Don’t let the urgency of post-storm repairs cloud your judgment when it comes to choosing a Kauai Roofing contractor. Being vigilant against the tactics of storm chaser contractors is crucial to safeguarding your home, finances, and peace of mind. By following these guidelines and hiring a company like ProBuilt Hawaii, you can ensure that your home receives the quality work it deserves from reputable professionals with a proven track record in your community. Remember, staying informed and making careful decisions will protect you from the storm chasers and ensure your home is in safe hands. If in doubt, give us a call. If we can’t help you, we will likely be able to steer you toward a reputable company that can.

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